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Carpet Cleaning & Repair

Residential Carpet Cleaning

With over 50 years of residential carpet cleaning service experience, Specialty Restoration uses the latest technology to provide the best cleaning service available. 

Carpet adds beauty to your home and business.  Unfortunately, carpet also traps unwanted dirt, grime, pet hair, and bacteria.  We can restore your carpet and leave your home with a fresh, like-new, clean look.

Customers are quoted for our entire carpet cleaning process, which includes moving small items and protecting your carpet from larger furniture.  We use pads and blocks to ensure no damage is done to your carpet or the furniture it comes in contact with.

Flooded Carpet Repair

Flooded carpet restoration services provided by Specialty Restoration are available for homes that have experienced water damage from either natural causes or aged construction-related issues. Despite the cause, carpet repair services are available to restore the carpet to a fresh, clean condition. Specialty Restoration does everything from removing water damaged flooring to adding new flooring and removing harmful materials that may be produced from flooding.  

Since carpet acts like a sponge when flooded, hiring a professional team to repair water damaged flooring is essential to ensure the safety of your home. The quick absorption of flood water can harvest mold and bacteria, creating health hazards. Water damage repair specialists at Specialty Restoration take all of the necessary steps to repair your flooded flooring and prevent harmful repercussions.

Specialty Restoration uses cutting-edge technology and equipment to restore water damaged carpet. Carpet restoration services are available throughout the Waco, Dallas / Ft Worth, Killeen / Temple, Tyler and Austin, Texas areas. Contact us today; Specialty Restoration will ensure the job is done right!


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