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Commercial Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Dallas/ Fort Worth

Fires can occur at any location including hotels, schools, retail stores, hospitals, and manufacturing sites.  Specialty Restoration of Texas knows that reaction time is important to get business back up and running.  Soot and smoke are damaging to furnishings, documents, ventilation systems, computer systems, and equipment.  Our goal is to get you back in business quickly with our commercial fire recovery services.  With our commercial fire and smoke damage restoration services, we make sure the fire that’s interrupted your life doesn’t permanently change your life. Our experience in commercial fire and smoke damage restoration in Texas can help relieve stress during a chaotic time. Contact us today to learn about commercial 

SRT CAT offers immediate fire mitigation response to restore your damaged property so that your business can be operational with as little downtime as possible.  Smoke can affect the building and all the contents within the structure.  Our focus is to restore furnishings, documents and media, ventilation systems, and structure as soon as possible and keep your interruption in business to a minimum. Contact us today to learn more about commercial fire recovery services.

 Commercial Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Services Include:

  • Our disaster/catastrophic team will secure the premises.  We’ll board up, install security fences, and prevent further damage and theft.
  • Contents are packed out, sent to our cleaning facility and each item is hand-cleaned and restored to as new condition.
  • Special equipment is bought in to remove smoke and odor.  Certified technicians completely clean surfaces and tear out damaged structures.
  • Our fire damage repair & rebuilding team works directly with your insurance company and rebuilds the damaged portions of your business, or rebuilds from the ground up if necessary.

Soot Damage Restoration

If your commercial building undergoes a fire, the soot needs to be properly removed from the premises because it is very dangerous for employees to ingest. Soot can cause a work environment to be unsafe, and these circumstances can be avoided by having a company properly remove the soot from your commercial space.

Removing soot requires expertise and professional tools. Experts can ensure that your commercial building is clear of soot and that it is safe to work in. Specialty Restoration of Texas has experience removing the different types of soot:

  • Oily Soot
  • Dry Soot
  • Wet Soot

Smoke Odor Removal Services

Smoke odor caused by fire or cigarettes can linger in commercial buildings and be extremely difficult to remove. Air quality is extremely important to give your employees and guests a safe and healthy experience while on your property. Specialty Restoration of Texas has extensive experience in deodorization and can help locate persistent odors. If you need commercial smoke odor removal or soot damage restoration, we have a team of experts to meet your industry's needs. 

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