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Document & Media Recovery Service

Document Freeze Drying

The recovery of critical business documents and media is vital to every industry.  The document and media recovery process freezes wet documents to create a state of preservation.  The damaged documents are taken from a frozen state to a dry state, allowing for the most damaging liquid stage to be completely bypassed.  Restoration of microfilm, microfiche, and x-rays are also preserved by state of the art technology.  Security and privacy of information is a priority with all document drying & recovery services.

Document Drying & Recovery Services Include:

  • Document freeze-drying services
  • Book and document drying
  • Microbial removal
  • Document recovery from fires and floods
  • Decontamination
  • Deodorization
  • Document Imaging

Commercial Document & Media Recovery

Media & Electronics Recovery Service

Fire and water damage to office machines can be devastating to business operations.  SRT CAT recovery technicians arrive on-site to remove equipment affected by electrical or mechanical failure.  By controlling relative humidity and temperature, damaged electronic equipment can be preserved against further damage and for further investigation and proper electronic repair services. SRT incorporates the use of original service contractors to be involved in the electronic restoration process. We focus on cleaning, restoring and returning disabled electronics so that operations can resume.

Electronics & Media Recovery


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