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Commercial Mold Remediation and Mold Removal Dallas, TX

Molds can grow on virtually any substance, as long as moisture or water, oxygen, and an organic source are present. Molds reproduce by creating tiny spores (viable seeds) that usually cannot be seen without magnification. Mold spores continually float through the indoor and outdoor air.  As science has expanded its knowledge in the study of mold hazards, the process of removing mold in any structure has led to incredible ingenuity and technology.  Today, the health field and the insurance industry recognize that mold remediation is a requirement for affected structures whose continued use is necessitated. Specialty Restoration has been a leader in commercial building mold remediation services for decades and is licensed and certified in Microbial Containment Remediation.  Our highly-trained professionals have expertise in containment, cleaning, treatment, and removal of mold-contaminated buildings.  SRT CAT technicians receive training and continuing education to stay ahead of the curve in providing the latest in technology to customers for mold & black mold remediation in your commercial building.

Typical factors that affect mold growth include:

  • The amount of water present.
  • The frequency of water source (one time leak or slow leak over extended time).
  • The type of food source (substrate) for the mold.
  • The water affinity (ability to absorb moisture) of the substrate.
  • The genus and species of naturally occurring background mold spores present.
  • The temperature range present.   

As factors/conditions change, various genus/species of molds may grow in a colony.  When moisture is removed from a mold colony, the mold remains.  The absence of moisture does not equate to the absence of mold.  It is important to realize that prior water issues within a building may have resulted in prior mold colonies – these prior mold colonies remain an undesirable presence and can represent a health issue to occupants.  SRT CAT specializes in commercial mold removal and our team removes the mold in your building to provide a safe environment for all occupants inside your facility. Specialty Restoration of Texas provides commercial mold remediation services across the state of Texas.

Commercial Mold Remediation Equipment Used:

Moisture Meters

Moisture meters measure/monitor moisture levels in building materials, and may be helpful for measuring the moisture content in a variety of building materials following water damage. They also can be used to monitor the progress of drying damaged materials. Moisture meters can be used on materials such as carpet, wallboard, wood, brick, and concrete.

Humidity Gauges or Meters

Humidity meters can be used to monitor indoor humidity.


A humidistat is a control device that can be connected to an HVAC system and adjusted so that if the humidity level rises above a set point, the HVAC system will automatically turn on and reduce the humidity below the established point.


A boroscope is a hand-held tool that allows users to see potential mold problems inside walls, ceiling plenums, crawl spaces, and other tight areas. It consists of a video camera on the end of a flexible "snake." No major drilling or cutting of dry wall is required.

HVAC System Filter

High-quality filters must be used in an HVAC system during remediation because conventional HVAC filters are typically not effective in filtering particles the size of mold spores.

Commercial Mold Remediation


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